ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The director of Abilene Funeral Home is accused of stealing nearly $25,000 from a widow.

Richard Fuqua was arrested Saturday for Theft of Elderly in connection to an investigation that began in December 2021.

Court documents state a widow preemptively paid Fuqua $25,380 for her husband’s and daughter’s funeral services in November 2021.

When her husband died in December 2021, the documents state Abilene Funeral Home initially ignored the widow’s calls to come get the body, so she moved her contract to Elliott-Hamil Funeral Home.

During this time, Abilene Funeral Home finally did come collect the husband’s body, and when Elliott-Hamil contacted them to get the body and the remainder of the widow’s deposit, minus the removal fees, they were unable to get the funds, so the widow wrote a separate check to Elliott-Hamil for $25,380.

The widow says Fuqua then told her family they would be able to come pick up a check for the remainder of the funds, which was equal to $24,885, but on the day they were told to come get the check, they were unable to locate Fuqua.

Police then got involved in the investigation and the documents state they learned Fuqua only had about $4,000 in his bank account the day he said the widow’s family could pick up the check for $24,885.

His financial records also show he deposited the widow’s initial $25,380 payment into his business account instead of a trust, which is not typical practice.

Fuqua was released from jail after posting a $20,000 bond.