ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene’s dog park is likely relocating, and city staff is now looking at several options for the new home.

Parks and Recreation has been talking about the possibility of Camp Barkeley, which is currently located at Grover Nelson Park by the Abilene Zoo, moving for some time because both the Zoo and the Abilene Youth Sports Authority complex, which is also in close proximity, need more parking spaces.

In order for Camp Barkeley to move, the new location needs to be at a park that has nearly 3 acres of land to accommodate both the large and small dog parks at Camp Barkley, so that leaves the following options:

  • Cal Young Park/MLK Park area
    • 5 acres of land readily available – however, no amenities are available and will need to add water source, electricity, parking, restrooms, etc.
  • Kirby Park
    • 2.4 acres of land and some amenities. Will need to add water, lighting, and restrooms.
  • Oscar Rose Park
    • 2.8 acres of space that is currently a baseball field/practice field for other sports. Lots of parking already there, as well as restrooms, fence, irrigation, and lighting. This spot is also being considered for pickleball. Not enough room for both projects.
  • Scarborough Park
    • 2.8 acres of space with nearby parking and a restroom. Will need to add water, lighting, and the existing disc golf course will need to be removed or some holes will need to be removed.
  • Fannin Park
    • 2.8 acres of space + a few amenities. Parking lots are closeby and a playground but will need to add water, electricity, more parking, and restrooms.

Parks and Recreation will be discussing these possible areas for the Camp Barkeley relocation during a meeting Tuesday.