ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Project Destiny – a group working toward making Abilene a Sanctuary City for the Unborn – has finally passed their first obstacle after first failing the mission.

“We were close. We had 6,000, and we just had to get 500 more signatures,” says Scott Beard, founder of Project Destiny Abilene. 

But now, City Secretary Shawna Atkinson has verified that they have gotten enough signatures to bring this issue to the city council agenda. 

“According to our charter, they then had 10 days after I told them that they did not have enough to come back with more signatures, and they did,” she says. 

Beard says that he is preparing for his next stage of the process. 

“The good news is, I don’t expect that the campaign side will be near as difficult as getting those signatures,” he says. 

The first reading, which will happen at Thursday’s city council meeting, will be acknowledging that there are enough signatures to consider this issue. Atkinson says that the first one usually just gets pushed through. The next meeting will consist of the second reading, including a public hearing, which could go in two directions. 

“They have the option just to pass the ordinance,” says Atkinson. This would allow them to declare that Abilene is a sanctuary city for the unborn. If they say no or choose to not take action at all, it would go to a vote, and the decision would be left in the hands of the citizens of Abilene. 

Even though it would be mentioned in the procedural election ordering in August, Atkinson says that once it is on the ballot, if the citizens say yes, then it becomes an ordinance. 

Beard says, “but now my argument for them to vote it in is this: the city has voted. i have 12,000 signatures total.” 

Several other communities in the state have already been designated as sanctuary cities for the unborn, making abortion illegal if the supreme court votes to overturn the 193 landmark Roe vs Wade case that made abortion legal in the country.