ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Want to get your dose of cuteness today? Check out the Abilene Zoo’s anteater pup, Daphne, playing in a puddle.

She’s making the most of whatever water she can find, rolling around and having an absolute blast!

Daphne is around three-months-old. She was born alongside her brother Arnaud March 28, and staff says both pups are growing and doing well.

It’s extremely rare that twin giant anteater pups both survive, so Abilene Zoo staff is very proud of the pair. They are constantly being monitored but they still get plenty of play dates with each other.

Abilene Zoo officials provided the following information about Giant anteater pups:

Giant Anteater pups stay close to mom for the first six weeks of life, riding on mother’s back and hiding under her front legs for protection. After the first month has passed, the pups will begin to spend more time on the ground, but will still ride on the mother’s back quite frequently. A giant anteater pup is usually weaned at about nine months of age, and leaves its mother when it is full grown, at just under two years of age. Although the giant anteater is not an endangered species, the population is becoming increasingly hard to find in its native South America.

Click here to watch another video of Daphne playing in a kiddie pool.