ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Elmwood neighborhood resident, David Sierakowski has loved to go on walks and bike rides in his neighborhood for almost 30 years.

“Going out for an afternoon elliptical and one thing that’s nice about our neighborhood is that it’s really supportive of that environment,” Sierakowski said.

But beyond his neighborhood on South 14th in Abilene, he has to do these activities without sidewalks.

“Neighborhoods that are really supportive of walking like this Elmwood area, like Tanglewood, as well as River Oaks, it’s kind of hard to get from point A to point B,” Sierakowski said.

Sierakowski’s neighbor, Tom Boyd says “It is an extremely busy part of town, you have motorcycle traffic, van traffic and businesses that are growing.”

Boyd also emphasizing that, “people need to be able to get out of the street and on to sidewalks because otherwise they’re a hazard to the cars.”

This could all change after Thursday’s City Council Meeting. The City of Abilene and The Texas Department of Transportation have plans to install pedestrian facilities including sidewalks and pedestrian bridges along South 14th from Pioneer Drive to Barrow Street. The total cost of the construction would be about 2.2 million dollars. The City of Abilene would pay 20% of that cost, with the rest of the funds coming from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Boyd also said “sidewalks would be safer so I’m all for building these places in town.”