ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The first Abilene Pride Parade and festival took place Saturday afternoon with many booths, hundreds of attendees and a few protestors.

People crowded the streets dressed in all colors of the rainbow to cheer on the parade. Afterwards, they went to the festival to see drag queen performances, purchase items from local shops and embrace their identities.

Richard Noel, attendee, shared his excitement about being at pride to KTAB/KRBC.

“For some people like me, a Bisexual man, can dress up and be happy and just live life,” said Noel.

Shortly after people arrived at the festival, a group came out to protest using signs that said “The wages of sin is death” and using megaphones to make their voices heard. While the protest was only verbal, police had set up a perimeter to ensure the safety of attendees.

David Grisham, Pastor for God and Country Ministry, was one of the protestors holding signs and speaking.

“Gay pride will get you fried,” said Grisham.

He said that his mission is to save those that are LGBT+ from purgatory and that God does not love homosexuals.

Noel told KTAB/KRBC that “He(God) loves you, he does not hate,” in response to Grisham’s words.