New high-tech street sweepers now in action across Abilene


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — What are being called first-of-their kind street sweepers are now in action across the city of Abilene.

Four Dulevo 6000 Tier sweepers are being used throughout Abilene with a goal of eliminating curb and gutter debris in an “innovative way that will not only clear stormwater drainage pathways, but also increase the longevity of city roadways.”

The cost of the four machine vehicles was $1.22 million. That money was approved last November by the Abilene City Council.

According to the City, the sweepers are equipped with the latest street sweeping technology and a customized herbicide application system. The City said the two systems lets crews remove more debris and also apply herbicide to make future removal easier.

“The Dulevos are an exciting new part of Abilene’s street maintenance program because of their ability to remove and control vegetation,” the City siad. “When debris like grass clippings, leaves, or dirt is not removed from curbs and gutters by property owners, it stops the flow of stormwater through the city’s drainage system. Once water is allowed to accumulate, vegetation begins to grow. That vegetation then allows stormwater to get below the street’s asphalt, penetrate the rock base of the road, and promote the breakdown of the road in the form of potholes and cracking.”

The addition of these four sweepers brings Abilene’s total number of street sweepers to six. Each street will be swept at least two to three times a year. Busier roads will be cleaned more often.

From the City of Abilene:

Specialized features of the Dulevo 6000 Tier 3 sweepers include:

  • 180-degree full motion front brushes
  • Increased suction and ability to collect debris from uneven surfaces
  • Low noise levels
  • Enhanced dust control and filtration technology to meet latest emission standards
  • Large operative cab windows allowing for a better view of equipment and working area

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