ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene police say they are planning extra patrol efforts for downtown so they can monitor the behavior of Bird scooter riders.

Assistant Police Chief Sgt. Richard Waggoner said APD is “looking to get ahead of the problem” by looking at hiring extra units to patrol in downtown Abilene to specifically focus on riders.

Right now, no Bird scooter riders have been given citations, but that could change if they continue to disobey traffic laws and disrupt the public.

Video from a resident of the top floor of the Wooten Hotel shows bird scooter riders cutting off and surrounding cars, and a group of patrons was harassed by bird scooter riders as they were leaving a downtown Abilene bar last week. This incident then escalated to a physical attack.

“If you’re going ride them, you need to understand there are rules and laws to follow,” Sgt. Waggoner says.

Bird scooter riders must be 18, but Sgt. Waggoner acknowledges that this is an easy stipulation to get around.

He says riders should not only be worried about tickets, but their own safety, especially because a bird scooter rider was seriously injured after pulling out in front of a pickup in north Abilene earlier this week.

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