ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The south Abilene Chick-fil-a will soon be moving locations, giving the Parks and Recreation Department $7 million in the process.

Chick-fil-a, currently located on S Clack Street, is going to move to 4300 Southwest Drive across from Walmart.

Parks and Recreation board members voted to approve a 40 year lease between Chick-fil-a and the City of Abilene to allow this move to happen, hopefully putting an end to traffic flow issues at the current location.

City Manager Robert Hanna says this area is, “increasingly a traffic concern for a number of folks in Abilene. I think even Chick-fil-a.”

Over the 40 year lease, Chick-fil-a will give the City $125,000 for the first five years, $137,500 for years 6-10, $151,250 for years 11-15, growing up to $223,000 a year in rent by the end of the 40 year lease, which has an initial term of 15 years with 5 renewal terms of 5 years.

All of this money, amounting to around $7 million across the 40 years, will be used to fund capital projects within the Parks and Recreation Department.

Hanna calls this, “a creative way to provide funding for Abilene’s park system that’s not tax revenue.”

The timeline for Chick-fil-a’s relocation has not been made public.

KTAB and KRBC have reached out to the restaurant for additional information.