ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Stun guns are a thing of the past, according to Taylor County Constable Dwight Kinney.

With prices of stun guns rising exponentially over the past decade, as well as the bad light shed on them, the Taylor County Constable’s Office has decided to move away from the old weapon and handle a new, non-lethal handgun.

Kinney described the gun as a “paintball gun” but much “hotter” than anything used in recreational activities.

These new pistols are designed to shoot three different types of ammunition – a hard plastic pellet, rubber pellets, and a pepper-loaded pellet.

These new “pepper guns” are far more accurate than the old stun guns and much more effective from long distances.

Kinney said that the stun guns were good from about 25 feet away, whereas the new guns are accurate from 60 feet and can still put a man on the ground.

Kinney also said the fear with the stun gun was that it was primarily used in court, where those stunned had a high chance of falling on something and getting injured.

Although they are more effective, Kinney said each officer will have to go through extensive classroom and field training before being allowed to carry the new guns.

Right now, only Lieutenant Lonnie Polston has gone through the training and is actively carrying the pepper gun.

Polston said another advantage is the amount of ammunition the new gun allows per cartridge.

The stun gun was a one-and-done weapon, needing a new cartridge after every use, but the new gun has a five-shot magazine.

The Constable’s Office joins the Coleman Police Department in the use of the new pepper gun.

No other local law enforcement offices have made the switch yet.