ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Wylie ISD is now releasing male students who were placed in in-school-suspension for having facial hair, saying the district will no longer be enforcing their policy.

Parents of two of the students who have been fighting for Wylie ISD to allow facial hair on male students told KTAB and KRBC their sons were allowed back into class effective Friday.

District officials also confirmed their release, saying, “we are in the process of evaluating our facial hair policy. While we are in this process, we are suspending the enforcement of the facial hair policy indefinitely.”

These students and their families have been battling the district on this issue for at least the past four weeks, citing a dress code policy they say is discriminatory because it allows other students to express themselves with piercings, makeup, and more but doesn’t allow for something as natural as facial hair.

“I’m pleased with the outcome. I’m thrilled that Wylie decided to step up and do the right thing. Everyone we dealt with was very professional and respectful during the process,” One parent told KTAB and KRBC after her son was released from ISS. “I think we’ll all be enjoying our Spring Break much better with this resolved!”

“I’m happy for the outcome, but sad that it took this long for them to do the right thing and that [my student] missed 4 weeks of education and his grades suffered,” another parent said.

BigCountryHomepage.com will continue to follow this story. Check back for an update once Wylie ISD finalizes a new facial hair policy.