ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The development of downtown Abilene as a nightspot now includes the only movie house left downtown, The Paramount Theater. 

Monday, The Paramount received a permit to sell beer and wine. The Paramount’s Executive Director, George Levesque, said this is a first. he says no nonprofit in Abilene had a license to sell. 

“It is very intriguing to have a license now,” said Levesque. 

Levesque explained to KTAB/KRBC that no other non profit in Abilene has a license to sell alcohol. With the way people have been engaging in downtown nightlife, he said he hopes the permit will help the Paramount stay in the mix.

“When we first opened in the late ’80s, people would park out there, walk in to see a show then go home. But nowadays people do not do that,” Levesque said. “They go to the Local and grab some food and come here, or they go and grab a drink. We want to be part of the party, and people are having a good time in downtown Abilene.”

The plans call for the downstairs concession stand area to remain the same, with a bar service area at the top of each of the staircases. The choice of wine and beer has yet to be decided, but Levesque wants to include local options. 

Abilene Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Operations and Communications, Laurin Kocurek, detailed how the Paramount is now catering to its very own mission of expanding downtown fun and broader nightlife. 

“The dreamers, the doers, the risk-takers that are out here putting their all into creating downtown as a destination,” Kocurek illustrated. “And so, we’re just excited to see the progress. And we’re excited for what’s to come.”

The license The Paramount received for beer and wine will allow those in charge to pick and choose when they sell it, according to Levesque. With that being an option, for events geared towards children, beer and wine will not be sold.

The process to begin selling beer and wine will take a couple of months, but the entire Paramount community looks forward to the change, and catering to the community.