Abilene parents react to daycare drop off burglar


ABILENE, Texas – Abilene parents may save time by leaving their cars unlocked while dropping their children off at day care, but those spare few seconds could come at a cost.

“I don’t lock my car and I leave my keys in it. Because I’m in a hurry,” said Joann Seitz, a client of the Day Nursery of Abilene.

Convenience of leaving the car running and unlocked was the consensus of parents during pick up time at the Day Nursery of Abilene.

“I do in the mornings,” said Lucero Garcia, another mom at the DNA.

However, a recent string of car burglaries at at least two Abilene daycares has the Abilene Police Department reminding parents to take precaution against on-the-go parent poachers.

“Take any belongings with you. Don’t leave them in your vehicle or hide them the trunk. But none of that helps if you don’t lock your car and take your keys with you,” said Rick Tomlin with APD.

April Morris is another Day Nursery client who says she already practices the Lock, Hide, Take method.

“It’s a good habit,” said Morris.

The mother also had some harsh words for the nursery-school swindler.

“It’s stupid, there are cameras all over. It’s a matter of time before he gets caught,” Morris said.

Along with surveillance cameras and police, this burglar also has monitoring moms like Lucero Garcia keeping an eye out for him as well.

“Let him know we’re watching and taking precautions,” said Garcia.

Now that this burglar’s audacity has rung the alarm of Abilene parents, those that previously negated precautions vow to start practicing them.”

“I will be locking my car,” said Joann Seitz.

However, some things may stay the same.

“I might still leave it running but I’ll lock it,” Seitz said.

The Day Nursery of Abilene was not one of the daycare centers targeted by the burglar but administrators there urge parents to lock their doors when dropping off their children.

Anyone with information on this suspect’s identity is asked to contact Abilene Crime Stoppers at (325)676-8477.

Click this link to our previous article to view security footage of the wanted burglar.

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