ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Did you know an Abilene park is still named after a confederate leader?

In Tuesday’s Parks and Recreation meeting, members on the board brought up the issue of a park that’s currently named after confederate leader Robert E. Lee. 

“It was named after Lee school, it was kind of in conjunction with Lee,” said Director of Community Services, Lesli Andrews.  

Board members say the park took on the name from the school across the street, Lee Elementary, which has since been rebuilt and renamed Stafford Elementary. 

“When they renamed Stafford Elementary, the request came in for the park,” said Andrews. 

Parks and Recreation are suggesting renaming it Stafford Park, but assistant director Chris Gibson says they’re seeking the citizens’ help in deciding on its new name.

“It’s all driven by the community and that’s what we want, is the community to decide what they want those names to be,” said Gibson. 

Gibson says a vote is required and will be held after recommendations are submitted to the board. 

“You have to have signatures from people in the community to identify that they support the name change and so on,” said Gibson.  

Over at Stevenson Park, renovations are in full swing, revamping the atmosphere of this predominantly black neighborhood.

This $400,000 project will include new tennis and basketball courts, restrooms, splash pads and much more.  

“We’ve got a great representation for Stevenson. We get a lot of feedback and good dialogue with that group, and we’re excited to get that kind of input because it helps us to do our jobs better,” said Gibson. 

If all goes well, including the weather, work is expected to be done in time for Juneteenth. 

The next Parks and Recreation board meeting will be held on February 15. The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m., as board members will have a public hearing for potential new names for the park.