Abilene pest experts give tips on dealing with mosquitoes, fire ants


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — After the recent rainstorms, you may be looking to mow the grass or prune the trees, but beware of ants and mosquitoes that may be right alongside you with their own list of chores.

Smacks, itches and irritation are on the rise as the flood waters still stand around the big country– and these bugs mean business

“We call those the Texas mosquitoes, they’re just big. With the rainfall and the foliage being so prolific right now everything is going to be in huge amounts and large insects,” says Adam Andrews, owner of Willow Creek Gardens.

Andrews says he sees this every year, alongside the return of the fire ants.

“They bring all their eggs up to the surface and make a mound. We call that a cooling mound, they’re keeping those eggs up to keep them dry and from drowning in the soil,” Andrews says.

Fire ants are fairly stationary, so a pest-killing spray or pellet should suffice to clear out your lawn, but mosquitoes are more of a moving target.

“I kind of refer to them as a source pest, if you can eliminate the source, you’re going to eliminate the majority of the mosquitoes,” says Branson Hurt, service technician for Pest Patrol.

Hurt says water standing in low spots on the lawn or equipment left out in the rain is like a flashing vacancy sign.

“Tires or buckets or anything like that where there might be puddles or water standing, get rid of that immediately so they don’t have a place to lay their larvae,” Hurt says.

If the water is unable to be dumped, there’s a solution for that, too.

“Things like dunks, they look like a little doughnut that you drop inside of these puddles and it basically makes that water uninhabitable for mosquitos to then land inside of and to start the next colony,” Hurt says.

Early treatment is important to stop more from hatching, because one bite on Monday could be 12 on Tuesday.

“You will notice very quickly, you step outside either at dawn or at dusk and you’ll see clouds of mosquitoes,” Hurt says.

Area pest control services say they have been so busy with the recent rains and flooding that wait times for service may be longer than usual, and any future rain can complicate that timeline since they cannot effectively treat outdoors during or right after the rain.

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