ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Turo is a peer-to-peer rental car service that has been facing disagreements with various airports. While some have taken legal action, Abilene Regional Airport has come to a conclusion for Turo to operate on airport grounds.

Many airports were upset due to Turo operating on airport grounds without letting them know, causing controversy for the rental service. Transportation Services Director Don Green said contributing factors can be due to the airport wanting to be informed of what’s happening on the grounds and have a share of the revenue for providing infrastructure.

The airport and Turo have agreed for the company to pay 10% of commissions that occur at the airport, which is the base rate charged to other car rental services as well. However, there will not be a minimum annual guarantee that the airport has with other services. Turo will also be responsible for paying local and state taxes for transactions and sending a report monthly showing every transaction on airport grounds.

Turo will be allowed to do lower-level curbside pickup as well as long as the transaction is face-to-face, as the airport does not allow unaccompanied vehicles at curbside pickup. The agreement will most likely start on a three-year agreement, as the service is fairly new and the airport does not want to rush into a five year agreement like with common rental car services.