Abilene Residents Find Razor Blades On Tires, Warning Others


(ABILENE, TX)-  A couple of Abilene residents on edge after discovering razor blades in their tires.

Both tell KRBC News, they believe it was done intentionally and are now warning others to remain vigilant.

“Heard a hissing noise that’s coming from our drivers side rear tire,”says Christopher Dooley, one of the residents who found the blade stuck in this tire.

With construction down the street from his house, Dooley didn’t think much of it.

“I just figured well maybe somebody dropped something on the road,” says Dooley. 

However, after he posted the picture to social media, Dooley’s friend, Patrick Rolan, replied saying the same thing happened to him.

 “As you can see we have quite a bit of tire damage there,” says Rolan.

Unlike Dooley, who only had one blade, Rolan had three.

“To get this number of razor blades on the tire, someone set a box on the ground,” says Rolan.

Both men say, this was no accident.  

“Could of dumped them out on the middle of the road to see what happens,” says Dooley.

“It doesn’t seem random to me,” says Rolan.

Employees at Toms Tire Pro say the incident with the razor blade could of been caused by vandalism but they also tell me it could of been caused by someone accidentally dropping them from their work vehicle.  

“There are times were I have seen work trucks, utility vehicles that will take a turn and drop a whole bunch of nails in the road or screws on the road,” says Austin Ceniglis, Employee at Toms Tire Pro.

Ceniglis has been working on cars for 16 years, while he has seen some vandalism on tires, he says most of the time there can be a logical explanation.

“Rain does affect it, it actually washes stuff on the road,” says Ceniglis.

Regardless, both men say it was very strange and just want other be aware of their surroundings.

“If you start hearing stange noises from the tires stop and find out what it is,” says Rolan.

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