Abilene Residents Say Potholes Have Damaged Their Vehicles


(ABILENE, TX) Deep potholes are what some Abilene drivers say is to blame for reaching deep in their pockets. They are having to pay for repairs to their vehicles after they say potholes caused the damage.

Rick Garcia owns Clear Cut Lawn and uses a trailer to move his equipment. A process that Rick says has become more difficult.

“Right now after all these rains, it’s horrible,” Garcia says. “Especially, right here in front of our home. We have to slow down to avoid damaging our tires and shocks.”

Garcia lives on Willis Street which has large potholes that have been patched over time. He says that driving on those potholes with his trailer have caused tear and wear on his tires.

“I got tools in there, so I have to slow down. People get frustrated with me, but I really have to slow down to protect my tools and trailer.”

A few months ago, Garcia spent 500 dollars replacing tires on his vehicle. He claims the potholes cause tires to be used up at a greater rate.

“I just got new tires, and they have already been damaged,” Garcia claims.

KTAB News contacted city staff to determine if Key City residents are able to receive payouts if potholes cause damage to their vehicle. According to the city manager, state law prohibits the city to pay for personal property damage that might be caused by road conditions, unless someone suffers a physical injury.

Staff say they are working to improve the Abilene road conditions.

“We are gong to do an assessment of the street inventory system to identify exactly where we are,” Michael Rice, Public Works Director says. “It helps identify the condition of each and every street segment.”

Rick claims that Abilene’s streets and roads are in bad condition compared to other cities.

“This is probably some of the worst road conditions I’ve seen around,” Garcia says.

He also looks forward to the upcoming improvements.

Willis Street is expected to undergo a major reconstruction project under the city bond program. Work is expected to begin within the next year.

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