Abilene roofing companies say melting snow is likely to uncover leaky roofs for homeowners


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — Roofing companies in Abilene say this latest round of winter weather will likely uncover leaky roofs for Big Country homeowners and possibly create new problems after days of thawing and refreezing.

While “snow today, gone tomorrow” may be the Big Country’s motto where the fresh powder is concerned, owner of JR American Roofing in Abilene Brandy Rangel says snowfall, freezing, thawing and refreezing can really take a toll on a home’s shingles, possibly causing more leaks.

“Shingles, when they get really cold, can crack. Think of it like a cookie almost. Then when the snow melts or even if it rains you’re going to have those slow leaks,” said Rangel.

The business owner says this is usually a slower time of year for roofing, but calls are likely to pick up after this last winter storm as homeowners discover their roofs might need patching.

Also waiting by the phone is Matt Ridilla with Fat Matt Roofing, which is also based in Abilene. Ridilla seconds that the main concern for homeowners is not the weight of the snow and ice on their roofs, but the potential for leaks.

He says leaks can often be found during the winter time because of a process known as “ice damming.” Ridilla explains this is caused when heat from inside a home escapes through the roof because of improper insulation and melts ice and snow, which then gets caught in gutters or on the edges of a roof. That water then refreezes and gets pushed pack up under roof shingles as more water collects and becomes solid.

“It gets underneath the shingles and starts to keep moving up and it just finds any little crack,” said Ridilla.

Both Rangel and Ridilla recommend homeowners have their homes inspected at least twice a year, and say their respective companies and most roofing specialists offer free consultations.

“Every six months you should really get it looked at,” said Ridilla. “Make sure it’s sealed, make sure there’s ventilation, and make sure the shingles are done correctly.”

Rangel also recommends that insured homeowners call to make sure their policies fit their needs. She stresses that the wrong policy could hit your wallet hard if the weather takes a toll on your roof so badly that it needs replacing.

“It’s really good just taking the time to talk to your agent to really look into what kind of policy [you] have,” said Rangel.

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