Abilene Sports Connection reopens, hopes for local business support


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — The coronavirus pandemic has put businesses through a rough patch. Governor Greg Abbot, however, announced how the state would allow businesses to operate and slowly open back up. One of the businesses positively effected by this? Abilene Sports Connection.

Marketing representative Miles P. Owen said, “With it starting to open up just a little bit, we’ve been able to put some things on sale and tie some people to come in, it’s really been a blessing. People around the Big Country have stepped up and helped us out because we had to pay our vendors.”

Friday, the store put on a sale and received a lot of attention from Abilene shoppers. As expected, Abilene Sports Connection made sure to keep their customers safe.

Owen said, “We announced some large discounts. So, we practiced social distancing, we had everybody outside six feet apart, only a certain number of people inside the store at the same time, lots of hand sanitizer, lots of masks. It’s all about keeping people safe, but the response has been overwhelming. So many people came in and thanked us for doing something nice for the community.”

Abilene Sports Connection is thankful for the support they’ve received in the past few days, but they also believe shopping and buying locally, no matter the store or restaurant, is an important concept.

Owen said, “I wanna encourage everybody to first think local, think local when you’re going to shop. Because these are the people that are in this community that are helping everybody, that are donating to the churches and to the charities and to the other things like that.”

Through all the support, store manger Kathy Cox something to say.

Cox said, “Thank you Abilene for your support, it has been such a blessing for us.”

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