Abilene voters endure long lines to cast ballots early


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – There were lines, lines and mores lines as Abilenians poured in to cast their ballots on the first day of early voting.

Voters like Edward Sheppard, who waited longer than an hour to vote, says the wait was worth it because his voice is going to be heard.

“It’s going to be important. If you don’t vote, don’t complain,” Sheppard says.

As folks in the Big Country continue to pour in to the early voting locations, they’re all voting for different reasons.

Allison Wesson is a voter who says, “Honestly, I’m just coming to get it over with.”

Potentially crowded polling places on Election Day have prompted some to get out and vote early.

“I figure if I do it now, it’ll be a lot easier,” Sheppard says.

One early voter had others on her mind when casting her ballot.

“I’m a mother, and I’m voting for the future of my children,” Taylor, another early voter, said.

Some voters deciding to do in-person voting, because they say they fear mail-in ballots may not be that accurate.

“With everything going on and the climate, I just feel it’s safer to do it in person, I don’t know that I trust the mail in to the extent it used to be,” Schlone Lawler, another voter, says.

“I am iffy if mail-in voting is going to be fraudulent or accurate, so I think it’s super important to come do it in person,” Wesson says.

But other voters don’t share the same concerns.

“Honestly, I get a personal high standing in line and voting. I like to do it in person, I have full faith in mailing in ballots,” Taylor says.

At the end of the day, those voting do have one thing in common, the eagerness to vote.

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