ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Abilene Kennel Club (AKC) hosted its 110th dog show at the Taylor County Expo Center on Sunday, marking marking the 65th annual parade of pups from the American Kennel Club. As precious all the furry friends were, it was one story of a human that really stood out. For more than 80 years, an Abilene Woman has been training and showing dogs.

Accompanying a pug named Rosebud was a 90-year-old Abilene woman. Bettie Lutzko told KTAB/KRBC she’s been training and showing dogs since she was eight years old.

“I’ve shown hundreds of dogs, both mine and dogs that belong to other people,” Lutzko said. “I’m the owner of the A+ Canine College, which is a training center here in Abilene. We do obedience training. They learn all of the basics, which is sitting down, and stay, and come when they’re called.”

When asked if Lutzko would return for next year’s show, she replied, “Well, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!”

More than 130 different breeds filled the Expo Center all weekend long. In attendance there were 750 dogs – that’s 3,000 paws!

These top dogs were groomed to the nines, and ready to show off their shiny coats and best characteristics for the judges, but judges were looking at more than just the dog’s overall appearances.

“For every single breed, there is a written standard. So, this is not just a beauty contest. The judge is not comparing the dog to another dog in the ring. The judge is looking as to how well that dog adheres to the written standard for that breed,” explained event director Cindy Knox.

AKC’s best in show this year went to the Lakeland Terrier.