Abilene Young Professionals host virtual networking event to discuss more than just business


ABILENE, TX. (KTAB/KRBC)- On Thursday night, the Abilene Young Professionals hosted their first virtual networking event on Zoom, and those who logged in discussed more than just business.

“I’m intentionally calling it physical distancing, and not social distancing, because I do think there’s a distinction, and I’m hoping that tonight will prove that,” said Abilene Young Professionals Steer Committee member Megan Dobbs.

The Abilene Young Professionals are known for bringing people together from across the Big Country to spread ideas, and under the looming threat of COVID-19, making connections with others isn’t easy.

“A lot of times whenever you’re moving into post-grad life, or just moving into adulthood period, it’s hard to find those connections of people that are your age going through the same life phases as you,” said Abilene Young Professionals Staff Liaison Laurin Kocurek.

In an effort to combat the negative vibe surrounding this pandemic, this virtual networking event had the theme, “Whatcha Thinkin’, Whatcha Drinkin’.”

“We’ve decided to pivot some of our communication a little bit, and make it more light hearted and funny. There was a big request for mental health, that’s a high priority right now, and so we’ve pivoted to share some mental health tips and tricks,” said Kocurek.

Most networking events place a heavy emphasis on business, but tonight wasn’t about that at all.

“We probably shouldn’t even call this networking, because when you think of networking you think of, you know maybe you’re wearing your work attire, and your forced to talk about work things, and make connections that are going to further your career. I think what we hope to get out of this virtual event tonight is just connection,” said Dobbs.

Between sharing stories about family, trying to look on the bright side of things, and being there for each other, this might have been the first virtual networking event put on by the Abilene Young Professionals, but it won’t be the last.

“Little things that we can do, like getting together over a zoom call and talking about what’s on our minds, and how we’re all effected by this, hopefully will make us feel a lot more together than maybe we physically are,” said Dobbs.

To find out how you can get involved, go to the Abilene Young Professionals website or their Facebook page.

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