Abilene, Texas (KRBC)-After much speculation,the Abilene Zoo finally knows how Estrella the jaguar escaped her exhibit.

“There was an area where we believed the cat pushed up on the netting and cable top and got into a crawl space behind that. Then scaled another wall and got up to a gap where the netting meets the wall,” said Bill Gersonde.

Once out of her exhibit, Estrella got on top of the spider monkey habitat, where she got a hold of a monkey.

The zoo carefully inspected the jaguar exhibit to prevent any other potential jail breaks.

“They went through the entire exhibit  all of the caging, the rock work the top: everything to try and determine what happened.,” said Gersonde.

Now the jaguars are behind the scenes until the zoo fixes their enclosure. They exhibit is expected to be fixed by the week following Memorial Day.