ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- After Monday’s incident, the Abilene Zoo is still searching for answers on how their 2-year-old jaguar escaped.

“We’re doing an investigation, an in-house investigation, with the members of maintenance, animal care, and the vet staff.” Said Bill Gersonde, the Abilene Zoo’s Executive Director.

The staff is making sure they check every inch of the jaguar exhibit in hopes to find where the animal escaped.

“They’ll get up on top, take measurements of gaps, or spaces, of everything.”

Zoo visitors walked around and took a look at the empty exhibit.

One visitor told KRBC that she didn’t see anything, and doesn’t understand how she would have gotten out.

“The difficult thing with this whole situation is,  here have been jaguars in that facility since 1995, it’s been fine for 22 years.” Added Gersonde.

Although the jaguars remain in an off exhibit area, the spider monkey’s are in their exhibit located next door.

As for now, the Abilene Zoo says they will operate as normal and continues to investigate until they find their answer and make the necessary changes to assure the safety of their guests, animals and staff.

“Trust me these people will go through it with a fine tooth comb.”