ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – New animal alert at the Abilene Zoo! The zoo announced, Tuesday, the arrival of 21-year-old black rhinoceros, Uhuru.

After the tragic passing of Macho the rhino in November, the Abilene Zoo said it was excited to add Uhuru to the tribe.

This magnificent creature is a beautiful addition to our collection of animals [sic] and a reminder of the importance of protecting endangered species,” the Abilene Zoo wrote in a Facebook post, announcing Uhuru’s arrival.

Uhuru was born at the Fort Worth Zoo in 2001, and was living at the Abilene Zoo between 2008 and 2014, but went to join other black rhinoceroses at Fossil Rim in Glen Rose for breeding.

The black rhinoceros is listed as a critically endangered species, with fewer than 6,000 around the world.

“It is amazing that we are able to display a species that could be extinct in the next few decades, if not for the work of zoos, wildlife parks, and conservation organizations,” said Clay Carabajal, Supervisor of Conservation. “Uhuru will serve as an ambassador for his species and will allow us to continue to learn about and preserve this iconic species.”

Uhuru is available now to be observed at the Abilene Zoo. Follow this link to welcome him yourself!