ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene nonprofit, All Kind Animal Initiative, started off with a small group of volunteers with a similar goal in mind; to have responsible pet ownership made accessible to all in the Key City.

“A lot of that is just through education and awareness and trying to point people in the right direction,” said Chairwoman Andrea Robison.  

The nonprofit offers low-cost vaccination and free micro-chipping clinics every three months to Abilene pet parents. Robison told KTAB/KRBC that, by doing, this their hope is that the proactive efforts may limit Abilene’s pet overpopulation problem.

“We love doing these events,” Robison said. “Not just because we help provide a need and a service to the community, but we love meeting the people in our community.”

In December 2021, All Kind took a major step forward when they partnered with the City of Abilene to open a new facility, one Robison believes Abilene will be proud of. 

“It’s going to have full veterinarian suites, where we can spray and neuter every animal that comes through the shelter,” Robison explained.

This new facility will, ideally, house 150 dogs and 60 cats – more than the Abilene Animal Shelter has housed at this time.

“It’s going to be a wonderful place to go,” Robison said. “Not just for the pets, but for the humans that come through.”

In the meantime, the nonprofit’s treasurer, Miguel Espinoza, called the process ‘lengthy.’

“We have a great group of people- they work extremely hard,” Espinoza said. “We probably put in a lot more hours than we like to, at times.”

Despite the workload, Espinoza said he is excited to be part of the proposed solution in Abilene.

“It’s all rewarding,” Espinoza said. “Because we get to see all the work that we’re doing and the good impact we have on the city.”

Through community response, Robison said it’s been a ‘pay-it-forward’ kind of situation for her organization.

The next low-cost vaccination clinic will take place in July, click here for more information on how you can get involved.