ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A local family is now able to call a place of their own, “home.” Abilene native, Denise Dunn, along with her three daughters and fiancé, were welcomed to their new home over the weekend.

“I’m ready to put my kids in here, I mean my kids are so excited. I’m ready to make this a home for them [more] than for myself,” Dunn said hopefully. 

Dunn’s new home was made possible through the local nonprofit, Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity of Abilene helps build, renovate, and repair homes. This allows them to provide affordable housing for those in need. 

“We were living with my mom. We shoveled ourselves in a little small bedroom, I had her crib and my bed in the room,” Dunn explained. 

Saturday, a home blessing was held to welcome Dunn’s family, friends, and members of the community into her new home. Among those in attendance, was Pastor J.R. Cochran with The Well Abilene. 

KTAB/KRBC: Habitat for Humanity of Abilene gifts house to local family, Jan. 2022

“It’s a sweet thing to be a part of a community that loves to bless people and loves to be generous,” Pastor Cochran said. 

Cochran said seeing Dunn’s reaction reminded him just how caring the people of the Key City can be.

“All the hands, and people, and the events that’s happened to get us to this place… I can’t help but attribute that to a God who loves Denise- loves her family,” Cochran acknowledged.

Because of the generosity of organizations like Habitat for Humanity, citizens of Abilene are able to view the Big Country as a place of support. 

“I see this place as a sign of hope, and I can’t think of anything more holy than this being a place of hope,” said Cochran.

Dunn explained how seeing her new home was a surreal moment for her. She was overwhelmed with joy and incredibly thankful for what had been done for her.

“My kids deserve this, and they [Habitat for Humanity of Abilene] absolutely fulfilled that need for my family,” Dunn gushed.

Dunn’s house is the second home Habitat for Humanity has closed on since September. They say they plan to close another one within the next few months.