ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Scrolling through your Facebook feed, the last thing you’d expect to see is your vehicle posted to the new and popular page, “Abilene’s Worst Drivers.” Now, there’s merchandise involved.

“I created the page at the beginning of June, and you know, I just thought it would be something fun. It was just me and a couple of friends for a while,” said Carl Case, creator of the Facebook page.

What started out as a couple of Case’s friends quickly grew. Abilene’s Worst Drivers is a page where people can post drivers who they believe to be driving poorly and disobeying the rules of the road. Now that page has more than 12,000 followers, something Case said he never expected.

“[I] Definitely didn’t think we’d have this many people join the page,” Case shared. “I thought there be, maybe a couple hundred people, you know, something fun and local about Abilene.

Although the page was made for Abilene, people from all over the Big Country and beyond post and are on the page.

“I even see people from different states, people [who] used to live in Abilene. It has become a fun thing to share with your family,” said Case.

Abilene driver, Zandt Payne said the page is a great way to showcase how poorly people drive, “Driving, I mean it’s a very dangerous thing and people need to be called out on being bad drivers.”

Case told KTAB/KRBC he got the idea to start the page because he enjoys dash cam footage. Plus, he added if someone was in a wreck it would be helpful to have that footage. So, not only can the page be a humorous escape, it can also bring awareness to reckless driving in Abilene.

“You just see all of this bad driving around, and I love dash cam videos and stuff; people driving crazy on the road or getting into accidents,” Case explained.

The page has become an online community platform that people enjoy discussing and share photos of drivers good or bad that they encountered. So, Case decided to create magnets which read, “As seen on Abilene’s Worst Drivers,” to place around town.

“We’ll leave them around town. We’ll just put like two or three out if we’re getting gas or at a restaurant we go to,” listed Case. “We’re not trying to upset anybody, but you know, we want to put the magnets out for people to find.”

Driver Blake Anderson said living in Texas, people can sometimes drive recklessly. But if someone placed one of these magnets on his car, he would pass it on.

“I’d go and laugh, then take it off and put it on someone else’s,” Anderson smiled.

But online, some think otherwise about the magnets. One user wrote, “It may be a joke to y’all but you should face a charge for property damage.”

Regardless, Case said the magnets are for people to have a laugh. He advised to only use the magnets on yours or a willing participant’s vehicle.

“People say they try to be a better driver to avoid being on the page, and I’ve seen people say they are going to park silly just to be on the page,” added Case.

With the popularity of the driver’s page, Case created another Facebook page dedicated to Abilene’s Worst Parking.