Abilenians reflecting on respect in light of ‘World Kindness Day’


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC/KTAB) – Ruben Escalona didn’t vote republican.  

“So, this year I was intentionally about not voting for the two leading candidates,” he said.   

Nor did he vote democrat.  

“I knew that if I picked one or the other, I’m basically saying I’m on this side or the other,” he said.   

He voted independent, but it shouldn’t matter, he said. 2020 has seen people of all types be put up against each other based on opinions or what they believe, he said.  

“If you’re not this you’re that. Or if you’re that you’re this,” he said. “Anytime you draw hard lines people are going to take one side or the other.”  

In response, the owner of Red Alpha Custom Prints and military veteran made a shirt with “not my choice by still my president” printed on the front. 

“If he’s a democrat or republican. He’s still my president,” he said.  

A lesson in respect and kindness Amanda Beach mother of four said she instills in her own kids growing up.  

“The words that you speak, it’s like nailing things into a board. Even if you apologize and say that you’re sorry and take the nails out, those holes are still there,” she said.   

So, with the presidential race slowing down, it’s a good time to reflect, not only those who were old enough to cast a vote, but on the eyes looking up to us.  

“I just feel like for kids they need to see healthy relationships, they need to know how to grow and build healthy relationships, and kindness is a big part of that,” she said.   

If you’re interested in purchasing a shirt you can click the link here to visit his Facebook page.

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