ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Absolutely Abilene shines a light on the local community and highlight those making a positive impact in the Big Country. This weeks spotlight is on Chewy Guzman, a furry friend who may be small, but has a ‘big heart’ for others in more ways than one.

Abilenian Patricia Horvath shared she doesn’t have to go through life alone.

“He’s gone to the store with us,” Horvath shared. “They have taken me to the doctor and anything that I need to get out and do.”

A few years ago, Horvath broke her hip which placed her in the hospital for a period of time. To her surprise, Chewy was allowed to visit and make that dark time a little brighter.

 “Until I broke my hip, I didn’t know what it was like a dog visit you when you’re in the convalescent hospital,” Horvath explained.

Longtime friend and Chewy’s owner Jo Guzman echoed the impact he has had on her personally.

“Chewy means a lot to me and I got chewy in one of my darkest times and I’m a seizure patient and i have severe PTSD and Chewy calmed all of that for me and helped me,” Guzman shared.

After adopting him from California, Guzman quickly noticed Chewy’s intuitive nature for serving others in his community.

“He wants to serve. That’s what we’re going to do is let him and help our community,” explained Guzman.

After a little grooming and training, Chewy became a part of  hospice and the ‘Alliance Dog Therapy.’ Through this, he has been able to share his servant heart with others in the Big Country.

“Basically we go into nursing homes or into the homes that want pet therapy” said Guzman.

From nursing homes to hospitals, people might even find Chewy in the pews on Sunday, bringing joy to the congregation.

“The cutest thing is when he comes to church and he’s listening to Brother Rudy, but he starts snoring,” said Parishioner at Crescent Heights Baptist Church in Abilene.

Lets just say Chewy’s paw-sitive impact has been felt, and will continue to be, in the Big Country.