ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — Hamlin residents are about to see an increase in their water rate for the first time in more than 20 years, and it’s not small.

After a recent study conducted by the City of Abilene, who provides water treatment for Hamlin thanks to a contract agreed upon in 2007, water rates are about to increase from 40 cents to $2.30.

“It assumes the cost of pumping and it assumes the cost of obtaining that water from the City of Anson,” says Rodney Taylor, Abilene Public Works.

Taylor says the price-per-thousand-gallons of water has remained the same for Hamlin since 2000: 40 cents.

“We had a study done to determine what that cost was, and it turned out to be that it was a significantly high cost in what the contract value was,” Taylor says.

The new price for a thousand gallons of water for Hamlin will be $2.30, more than five times the previous rate.

“We made adjustments, we notified Hamlin in time for them to address that during their budgeting process,” Taylor says.

The City of Hamlin notified their residents through social media as their city manager says this is a cost they were not expecting.

Taylor says this has been the norm for Abilene residents in the past.

“Our cost obviously has gone up over the years and we’ve seen that in every one of our other customer’s categories,” Taylor said.

Hamlin officials say the price increase is planned to go into effect in Oct. 2021.