ABILENE, TX (KRBC)- Over 90 years ago, two Abilene women became the best of friends.

This month both are celebrating birthdays. One turning 100 and the other 102.
Agnes Stone and Mary Louise are the definition of lifelong friends.

“We grew up together,” says Stone.

“They may not recall all the stories that they shared together way back when, but they still know there is a special bond, a special relationship. That’s unlike anything we can probably understand,” stated Stan Lambert, a family friend.

Elementary to high school and even college at Abilene Christian University, the duo has always been attached at the hip.

While they may not say much these days, you can always catch them signing the fight song from Abilene High, where they both graduated.

“Three cheers for old Abilene high rah rah rah,” says Stone.

As Agnes blew out her candles in celebration of her 102nd birthday, Mary Louise, who turns 100 later this month, was right by her side.

“I’m just happy so be here and happy to see everybody,” says Stone.

Stone was a teacher for AISD for over 40 years, she says her secret to living so long is “Just being a good girl.”

Mary Louise owned a moving company with her husband and was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. But regardless of age and the lost memories, one thing’s for sure, the love they have for each other will always remain vivid.

“We’ve been friends for a long time,” says Stone.

The two are now living at Wisteria Place Retirement Living Center.