After losing all of her babies, Dog adopts orphan puppies


(NBC) – After every puppy in her litter died, a dog adopts orphan puppies and takes them on as her own.

Jennifer Austin explains, at secondhand hounds…. Rescue dogs arrive for all sorts of reasons.

“This is cranberry and she’s about a year old…”

So it wasn’t unusual for them to get a call about Rosa.

Rosa came to them from a commercial breeder. She had had premature babies six days before we got her.

“None of her babies survived, which is super heartbreaking. A lot of times when moms lose their puppies they’ll keep looking for them, just because they’re ready to have their babies,” said Jennifer

Founder Rachel Mairose says then they got a call. “Not three hours later after we found out this mommy was coming to us we got a phone call and they said we have five newborn puppies… their mom died this morning.”

“The same day? The same day.”

“Yeah, these guys came in without any mom.”

Puppies without a mom, and a mom without her puppies.

“We all kind of got that deep breath of hope like could this happen? Could this work out?

“It’s a 50-50 shot sometimes mama dogs smell other dogs on these puppies and they’re not willing to accept them.”

Acceptance – was instant.

“She started cleaning them, she let them nurse right away.”

“She took to them right away and they took to her right away and so it all happens for a reason I truly believe that.”

“They needed each other right, so both of them needed each other equally. It also happens for a reason, I truly believe that.”

A family brought together by fate.

Rosa and her puppies are currently staying with a (human) foster mom until the puppies are old enough to adopt.

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