HAWLEY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Jesse Buckner of Hawley awoke Sunday morning to find his 13–year-old Shetland pony mauled to death by a wild animal, and his 20-year-old Stallion had sustained injuries to its jaw and front right leg so severe, he had to be euthanized.

“It’s not nice having to put one down no matter what the circumstances, but you think you’ll get a vet on a Sunday morning? No – not even gonna try it. That’s too much suffering for the animal,” Buckner said.

He called the Jones County Game Warden Kyle Nivens to investigate the attack, thinking at the time that it could have been the work of a mountain lion.

“He showed me the tracks leading out to the field. The tracks had claw marks, so that told me it was K9 of some kind. . .I sent the pictures to our biologist, and he confirmed that yes – it was K9 of some kind. Whether it be domestic or wild – there’s no telling,” said Nivens.

As this story began to spread, a video of a pack of 15 wild dogs began to circulate around Facebook. This video, captured about 15-20 miles from the site of the attack is not suspected to be linked to the attack but it does however show that the packs are out there in Jones County.

“I don’t believe it has anything to do with the same dogs at all but just be vigilant of what’s out there,” Nivens said.

Though Nivens could not confirm if the attack was carried out by a single dog or coyote or pack thereof, Buckner believes it was a pack of wild dogs that brought down his horses.

“They didn’t even eat any part of that little one…they just killed it,” said Buckner.

Nivens advises Jones County residents to be watchful for any signs of wild animals near their property and do what they need to if a threat is posed.