AISD Approves $312,000 Behavioral Program


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)– After surveying employees at AISD, the school board decided it was time to make an expensive change.

“We just heard from our teachers and staff and principals, the need for additional support in addressing and working with students that have behaviors that are pretty tough.” Explained the Executive Director of Secondary Education.

The $312,000 program is expected to train teachers this summer on how to discipline the students on an even playing field.

After the “Behavioral Program Commitee” was made and collaborated ideas, they decided it was best to inforce a behavioral program.

“I am always in for change, or changing things for the better, and I believe the CHAMPS program will not only let our students understand the way discipline works, but it will also help the teachers teach and assess their student’s needs.” Said Brandon Osborne, a Physical Education teacher at Lee Elementary who was also on the committee.

Osborne also told KRBC that he sees the students when they have the most energy and need to let it all go, so he thinks having the new program will help inforce rules.

“So if we can meet those needs then our teachers can do their job of educating the students correctly.” Added Osborne.

Villanueva also told KRBC that AISD’s number one goal is to assess the needs of all the students, regardless of behavior.

“We’re in a position where we have to teach students, we have to teach them how to make appropriate choices, we have to get to the bottom of why they are making those choices.” Said Villanueva.

Leslye Roberts, the Assistant Principal of Lee Elementary previously went through the training when she was a teacher in Lubbock.

“That was atleast 10 years ago and I know times have changes but it’s really just getting us all on the same page as far as classroom management and handling student behavior.” Said Roberts.

The training is said to set a common languag for what the teachers expect for specific times of learning.

“You are going to hear some common language as voice level zero and voice level one, somethings like that.” Added Roberts.

Osborne believes that the reason why it is important for all the students to have a simliar disciplinary program is so that if a student is moving from out of state or from a different country, they will know that across the board  (AISD) this is the way that the district does things.

“Especially at our school, we try to really really implement that positive behavior first and then if we have to go to the alternative thats where we go, but we want to make sure that all the students understand that every teacher has the same rules.”

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