(ABILENE, TX) – The Mayor of Albany confirmed an Albany Police Officer was fired after a student at Albany High School found drugs in his locker the morning after law enforcement conducted a police dog training exercise in the building. Albany ISD claims these drugs were left by officers after the training.

Mayor Rodney Alexander would not release the name of the officer who was fired and would not elaborate on the role this officer played in the incident, though he did say there should have been some sort of inventory system in place to prevent this from happening.

Albany ISD Superintendent Shane Fields says the student opened his locker when he arrived at school last week and found a container inside.The student took this container to the principal who confirmed it was filled with marijuana – the packaging was consistent with several “finds” that were hidden around the school by authorities.

The Albany Police Department and Shackelford County Sheriff’s Office called the Superintendent the night of the exercise and asked if they could use the school to train a Cisco Deputy and his K9 partner to sniff drugs.

They placed the “finds” all around campus, including the one that the student recovered in his locker.

Albany ISD is no longer going to participate in these training exercises in light of this event, and they  sat down with the City Manager filed a formal complaint with the City of Albany.

The City Manager conduted an investigation after this complaint was filed and determined terminating the officer was the best course of action.