Algae in Lake O.H. Ivie Changes Taste of Abilene Water


Abilene, Texas (KRBC)-For the fishermen, life isn’t too bad out by Lake O.H. Ivie.

“Very quiet. Nice. A lot of wildlife. Peaceful,” said Rick Boberg, a resident by Lake O.H. Ivie.

But it does stay interesting due to constant changes.

“Gone down, come up, come down,” said Boberg.

Recent rains have caused Lake O.H. Ivie to go from only 14.1 percent full this time last year to 24.6 percent full, which not only is making the fish and wildlife happy, but also creating the perfect conditions for something else to grow, which could change the way your tap water tastes and smells.

“That water can show up at almost any point in our city. It would be more concentrated in the south end of town, but can be distributed to just about any point in town,” said Rodney Taylor, the director of the city of Abilene’s water utilities.

The city says the likely culprit of your funky water is an algae bloom.

It’s really hard to target exactly what it is. Because we’ve been in a dryer spell, and then having the sudden inflow, that typically could trigger an algae event,” said Taylor.

But the city says there’s no threat to your health or plumbing.

“Typically, it just gets filtered out. In really high concentrations it could cause shorter runs on our filters and more backwashes, but typically it does not,” said Taylor.

And fishermen say the fish are still biting.

“Fishing from about mid lake out is not too bad,” said Boberg.

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