Amarillo City Council Candidate Causing Controversy


AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – Amarillo’s mayor says one of the final five candidates for the open city council position needs to be removed from consideration.

Sandra McCartt allegedly made some disparaging remarks about the mayor and others in past facebook posts.

Now, mayor Paul Harpole says McCartt has basically disqualified herself from the place two position being vacated by Dr. Brian Eades.

During the debate over Amarillo’s proposed downtown Multi Purpose Event Venue (MPEV), McCartt was heavily involved.

Many times criticizing those who supported it.

It wasn’t always about the proposed MPEV, McCartt also spoke out about other issues concerning the city.

Now, at least one council member believes she has disqualified herself as a candidate to replace outgoing council man Dr. Brian Eades.

Here’s just a sampling of the posts: In one, McCartt says she’s not interested in being on the city council.

      “Oh no, there are some things I will do for 10 bucks a week but put up with all the crap from the dear public is not one of them.”

Another post refers to Amarillo in a not so flattering way:

      “Just another day in JACK*** flats. It is fall in the Texas panhandle and that is when we ship cattle to the yards.”

Mayor Paul Hharpole says this and many other posts made by McCartt are unacceptable for someone seeking a seat on the city council.

“I as an individual council member, just one, am asking that she withdraw her name.” Harpole said. “She said she would not do that, so at this point we’ll go further down the road.”

Councilman Elisha Demerson says all the potential candidates will have to answer for what they’ve said.

“I would just imagine that a member or members of the council will want every candidate to pehaps answer any questions about anything out there in the public view on facebook or any other medium.” Demerson said.

Mccartt responded to the criticism with a written statement.

She says in part:

“I won’t dignify this attempt to cast me in a foul light because I say on facebook or any other place what hundreds of people are thinking but are afraid to say because they are afraid of being attacked.” McCartt said.

She wrapped-up her response with a warning:

“If anyone calls me a racist, a bigot, a homophobe or a xenophobe they will be met with a strong response. It will not be the same response I might write on a facebook thread.”

Mccartt complained that many of the incriminating posts were taken out of context and she has no intention of removing her name from consideration.

Mayor Harpole says she should be replaced as a finalist with another candidate.

The city council will interview each finalist and will vote on who replaces Dr. Eades during their August 2 meeting.

The winner will then be sworn-in on August 9.

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