ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Abilene Zoo’s rhino was recently outfitted with a Fitbit in a study to help rhinos in the wild.

Macho the Rhino was recruited to take part in a world-wide study through the American Institute for Rhino Studys this summer.

Zoo staff and members from Disney’s wild animal park have been taking all kinds of metrics and samples from Macho since June in an effort to learn more about rhinos from his blood, measurements, food, and even a Fitbit that was attached to one of his ankles.

It’s dangerous for wild rhinos to be tranquilized and studied, so captive participants like Macho are necessary to help the species, which is endangered, thrive.

The study will continue through at least next Spring, and Abilene zoo staff is excited for Macho to keep helping his fellow rhinos.

World Rhino Day was Thursday, so there will be a special event at the Abilene Zoo Saturday, where attendees will get to learn more about Macho.

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