Alligators in the Big Country? At least one found in Callahan County


CALLAHAN COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Ever wonder if there are alligators anywhere in the Big Country? At least one was found in Callahan County recently.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials say the alligator, described as a “sub-adult” who was only 50 inches long, was in a stock tank at a private ranch in Callahan County.

The ranch owner called Texas Parks and Wildlife last year after discovering the alligator to ask if it was okay for him to move it.

A Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist told the ranch owner to wait until spring, which would have been now, but unfortunately, the alligator didn’t survive February’s historic winter weather event.

It’s not uncommon for alligators and other reptiles to die during big freezes, especially if they don’t have a body of water deep enough to escape from the cold.

No one knows why the alligator was in the Callahan County stock tank, but it probably traveled over from a nearby river or stream in search of a more permanent home.

Although alligator sightings are rare in this area of Texas, there are hundreds of thousands across the state – most in the southeast region near Louisiana.

However, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department did say there is an adult alligator who lives under the dam at Lake Proctor in Comanche County.

Anyone who encounters an alligator in the wild is asked to leave them alone and stay at least 30 feet away. They may seem slow – but they can outrun or out-swim any human if agitated.

Read more about alligator safety on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website.

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