Anson, Texas (KRBC) – Anson, day by day, is becoming decidedly more Halloween-y as the local school paints holiday icons on bales of hay around the town.

“Skeletons, owls, witches, we’re going to have some Frankensteins. We’re going to have a clown because the students said we have to have a clown,” stated Erica Jones the Anson Middle school art teacher.

The idea came into play when a local farmer offered to donate hay bales for painting and the Anson Chamber of Commerce jumped on the idea.

“We have some neat businesses here in town and we just want to support them and have people enjoy coming here,” commented Jalyn Brown of the Chamber.

The Chamber then proceeded to team up with Anson ISD’s art class to make the project happen, and businesses are loving it.

“Businesses have loved it so much that more and more businesses want in on it,” stated Jones.

But it’s not only business owners or on lookers that are reaping the benefits, the people having the most fun are probably the students painting.

“We get to spend time with our friends and we are just having a good time,” stated one student.

And there’s a few reasons why.

“Well, one, we get to be outside, and we don’t have to be in school,” commented another art student.

Beyond getting out of school, the students also want to help spread Halloween spirit as well as build the town’s community.

“We’re just trying to bring people together,” commented a student.

The project has taken planning and research and the students, using Anson as their canvas, are now trying to create a town sized piece of art.

“They’re using all their art skills to create balance through the town,” stated Jones.

According to their teacher, it’s not just fun for the students, it also provides an important experience.

“I think this is a way for the students to take a little bit of ownership and pride in the way their town looks,” said Jones.

And though the pictures might be light hearted and, the result on the town, according to the teacher, is closer to profound.

“And it’s creating a lot more unity in our community,” Jones finished.