ANSON Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Since his son’s dismissal from the Anson athletic program in November, Jason Soliz has spoken with the high school principal and district superintendent, the first two steps in their process for dealing with a grievance. In both meetings, Soliz says the outcome was not satisfactory.

“We’re looking for some accountability. As of now nobody’s there, hasn’t been anything happen,” says Soliz.

His son Tony was dismissed following an essay he wrote for his English class in which he was critical of the football team’s season. The paper then somehow made its way to Athletic Director Chris Hagler.

“He had no business doing that at all, it being a violation of a constitutional right, you know? And then you’re losing trust in your teachers. That’s not good,” says Soliz.

Stage one of the grievance process consisted of Soliz meeting with the principal in late November. He says he was told that the athletic director did not fall under the principal’s line of command, so no action was taken.

Moving on to stage two, he met with district superintendent Jay Baccus. At that time, Soliz says Baccus offered to allow Tony back into the athletic department, though Soliz made it clear that as long as Coach Hagler was a part of it, neither he nor his son felt comfortable in the program.

“That’s enough. We’ve dealt with this long enough and I think it’s time for a change,” Soliz says.

It wasn’t until January 9 that Soliz was made aware of the action that would be taken. A letter from Superintendent Baccus stated that Coach Hagler would not be dismissed, but he and the teacher responsible for giving him access to the essay would face “disciplinary action,” and all coaching staff would have to undergo first amendment training.

Baccus also denied Soliz’s request to include the complaint in Hagler’s file, an issue Soliz says he feels does not bode well for any future students that may find themselves in the same situation.

“And I think it’s time to address it. As of now we haven’t done nothing but put a band-aid over it, and enough’s enough,” Soliz says.

Soliz had hoped to speak at the January 10 board meeting as a part of step three of the grievance filing process. Just before that meeting began, Superintendent Baccus called Mr. Soliz aside into his office.

Mr. Soliz says that he was told he could speak in the open forum portion of the meeting as he intended to, but he would have to repeat everything at a future meeting after filling out the level three forms to be officially heard. Mr. Soliz says this all feels like he’s being given the “run around” as he had tried to get on the school board’s agenda before that night.

“We’re in limbo here. We aren’t satisfied with anything,” says Soliz.