ANSON, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Straight line winds and sudden flooding hit parts of Jones County just after 5:00 p.m. Thursday night. Residents say the storm only lasted about 20 minutes, but the damage was evident once the sun came out.

Storm clouds over Jones County

“It took a while for the rain and wind to pick up but when it did, it was intense,” said Anson resident Jamie Hirst.

Another neighbor, Theresa Crisp, told KTAB/KRBC, “Well, the neighbor’s trampoline is in the front lawn, and I got scared and hunkered down in the bathroom.”

Trampoline on Crisp’s front lawn

Some residents reported seeing funnel-like winds during the ensuing storm, though no tornado was confirmed by any weather source. The winds brought down trees and tossed around objects large and small. Neighbors helped one another clear away the debris and patch up their damaged homes.

“I didn’t even think it was gonna rain today, let alone all of this,” Hirst wondered aloud.

Hirst outside her home near an uprooted tree

Many sheltered in their bathrooms as the hail and rain came down. Some even voiced their thanks to KTAB/KRBC that the damage they took on was mainly cosmetic compared to the destruction they could have faced. Hirst said she was thankful the large old tree outside their home fell towards the street instead of their home.

“If it had fell the other way, that would have been terrible,” predicted Hirst. “That would have hit my porch and maybe my daughters bedroom.”

Flooded front lawn

Although the damage was relatively minimal, the majority of homes in Anson saw some kind of damage from dented tin roofs to torn up car ports and busted out windows. It will take time to recover from the storms effects.