(ABILENE, TX) – An Abilene man has been arrested on an Injury to a Child charge after a baby was hospitalized with abusive head trauma.

Lorenzo Juarez, 18, was booked into the Taylor County Jail on Wednesday. He’s being held on a $25,000 bond.

Court documents say the Abilene Police Department received a report from Cook Children’s Hospital on January 2, 2016 about a baby, six months, who had sustained abusive head trauma. He was placed on a ventilator while recovering from subdural hematoma, according to the documents which say test indicated there was “old blood on [the baby’s] brain indicating severe trauma a couple of weeks prior”.

Detectives interviewed the mother who says she took her baby to the ER on December 19, 2015 after she came home and found him vomiting and unresponsive. The documents claim he was treated and then released.

A second incident happened on January 1, 2016. The mother told police she left the baby home with her boyfriend for several hours that afternoon, and when she came back that evening, the baby was asleep.

She tried to wake the baby that night, but he was stiff and was having trouble opening his eyes, according to the documents. The baby then had a seizure, so mom took him to the hospital where he was then transferred to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth.

The documents claim, “Lorenzo was alone with [the baby] when both incidents occurred”.

The baby’s mother spoke out to KTAB/KRBC and says her baby was diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. He is still recovering at Cook Children’s Hospital. She says his last surgery was Thursday. A Facebook page has been set up where the community can track the baby’s progress. A ‘GoFundMe’ page has also been established to help with his medical bills.