ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Ballet Folklorico del Big Country came to be after inspiration from another Ballet Folklorico in Abilene. Their mission is to be accessible to the community, teach heritage to the performers and show that to the community.

Ballet Folklorico dancing is no different than ballet according to Allysun Gutierrez, choreographer for Ballet Folklorico del Big Country. She said it is still telling a story at the end of the day.

“Every region of Mexico has a different story to tell, but at the end of the day, it all comes back to love,” said Gutierrez.

From the dancing techniques to the costumes, this group holds a story in every aspect. Anita Olguin, Costume Chair, said each girl gets to choose her dresses color and express themselves through it. After the colors are chosen, Olguin makes the headpieces and skirts, spending around 20 hours for each skirt.

Elvia De Leon, Director, said this group has been able to perform all around the community, from college campuses to community events.

“Abilene has been very embracing to Ballet Folklorico del Big Country,” said De Leon.

De Leon said they want their children to learn about Ballet Folklorico, music, traditions, celebrations and so much more.

“So that’s kind of what we include with what we teach at Ballet Folklorico del Big Country,” said De Leon.

“As Hispanics, we need to come back to our roots,” said Olguin.

The Ballet Folklorico is currently out of space where they rehearse, and hope that within the next two years, they can find a new building to practice in, although this group is not slowing down anytime soon.

“Of course, we will always take new dancers and will have registration opened up again next August for new members,” said Gutierrez.

The Ballet Folklorico del Big Country grows each year, and they hope that it will continue to grow each year.

“The passion is definitely there,” said Gutierrez. “It means something different to everybody, for me it means culture.”