AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin and Travis County are expected to issue orders Tuesday telling people to stay at home to help prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, Mayor Steve Adler told KXAN Monday.

City and county lawyers are discussing Monday night when it would take effect.

Dallas County issued a similar order Tuesday and the city of Waco followed suit Monday.

While Austin says it’s still working on the details of the order, it may look something like Dallas County’s rules. During the stay-at-home order time in Dallas, only “essential” businesses will be allowed to continue operating. Those include healthcare providers, government facilities, utility companies and grocery stores.

People in Dallas can only leave their homes for essential activities, which are necessary to the health and safety of an individual (for example, grocery shopping). People will still be able to participate in outdoor physical activities like hiking, biking and walking as long as they stay six feet apart to maintain social distancing.

On Sunday, Gov. Greg Abbott made it clear that it would be up to local officials to enact strict policies about sheltering in place.