With numerous law enforcement agencies working in tandem to capture the person behind the Austin bombings, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton talked to KXAN about how his office is working to help the investigation.

Paxton says the biggest concern is public safety. “I’m most concerned about innocent people – kids, elderly – I’m just concerned more people will get hurt and killed by someone who is really crazy.” 

While the public and media would like to know every single detail of the investigation, authorities have to keep some aspects from leaking so the case isn’t compromised. 

“There will be things that the actual bomber would know that nobody else would know if it wasn’t disclosed to the public and so that can actually be useful in actually determining we have the right person,” Paxton explains.

In regards to Tuesday’s package explosion in Schertz, Paxton confirms the package that exploded was shipped from Austin and was destined for a residence in Austin. While only one package exploded on the conveyer belt at the FedEx distribution center in Schertz, there was a second package that had an explosive device in it that did not detonate — it is not clear where the particular package is. Paxton says he believes the Schertz package will be especially helpful in their investigation.

Tuesday morning, a Sunset Valley police officer confirmed the FedEx shipping office on Brodie Lane was being investigated as the place where the package was shipped. 

Another suspicious package is being investigated at the Austin FedEx facility located on McKinney Falls Parkway in southeast Austin. 

Now that the suspect has used a shipping service, Paxton believes that will help investigators. 

“And eventually, this person is going to make a mistake delivering to a place like this and is going to get caught,” Paxton says. “It’s hard to keep doing things like this and not get caught because they’re clues and every incident brings more clues.”

Paxton says he and his office are in constant contact with the Austin Police Department as well as all the other agencies that are in the state’s joint task force. But even with all the evidence, one of the most unnerving things to hear from Paxton is: “At this point, we don’t know who this person is and we’re still putting the pieces together.”