ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE)- All nine of the gas balloons that took part in America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race have landed. The race kicked off on Monday in which balloons filled with gas take to the skies for days, racing each other to fly the farthest distance.

The team that flew the furthest was a team made up of American pilot Andy Cayton and co-pilot Krzysztof Zapart. They landed at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, in Ontario, Canada for a total distance of 1616.46 miles

According to the team’s AIBF bio, in 2017 Cayton and Zapart were one of two teams that beat the 20-year-old Challenge record flying nearly 2,200 miles but came 90 miles short of winning the race.

Second place goes the French competitors Vincent Leys and Eric Deceillieres who also made it to Ontario flying a total of 1327.23 miles.

Here’s the full list of standings:

  1. Cayton/Zapart -1616.46 miles
  2. Leys/Deceillieres -1327.23 miles
  3. Petrle/Pelard -1216.89 miles
  4. Cowlishaw/Duncan -1091.98 miles
  5. Padelt/Forden – 1016.50 miles
  6. Sullivan/White -1011.95 miles
  7. Cuneo/Fricke -992.55 miles
  8. Lewetz/Wagner -899.67 miles
  9. Baird/Nels -580.24 miles