Balloon Memorial in honor of Jennifer Servo


“Nineteen long years and her family is still waiting for justice,” Private investigator Sharon Newman Edwards said.

Nineteen balloons.

“We are thinking of you Jennifer,” Newman Edwards said.

To represent every year without Jennifer Servo.

“I have this picture from her graduation at the University of Montana and she’s holding that white balloon and I felt that will be a nice significance,” Newman Edwards said

Private investigator Sharon Newman Edwards,

“I’m really glad that we did this” 

Has been on this case for four years. 

“You know, it brings her presence here, i think it reminds us who we are fighting for, for justice, it reminds us she is a real person with a real family who is hurting,”  Newman Edwards said

While few where there to commemorate this day.

“Hopefully, next time we’ll bring in a crowd and we’ll remember Jennifer together Newman Edwards said

Sharon wants to bring awareness to he case. 

“We’d like to get the local community involved in Jennifer’s case, Newman Edwards said

And for the community to start asking for justice for Jennifer to help solve it. 

“Somebody out there knows something,” Newman Edwards said. “It’s different to come here and do this and really think about her life and what she missed out on because of being murdered at the age of 22,”  Newman Edwards said.

To listen to Investigator’s Newman Edwards podcast about Jennifer Servo’s case follow this link.

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